Which shoes will you #STAND4HEROES in?

These are the boots Bob Woodruff was standing in when he was nearly killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq, Jan. 29, 2006.

Ten years later, his wife Lee took them out of the plastic bag they had been stored in by military medics, almost forgotten. As a gift for Bob’s 10th Alive Day, she had the boots photographed and penned an open letter to him. A Letter to My Husband on His Alive Day generated an outpouring of compassion with many asking, “How can I help?” This sparked a thought … with the potential to ignite a viral movement.

It’s simple: Using the hashtag #Stand4Heroes, post a photo—or better yet, a video—of boots or shoes that hold meaning for you. It could be that they made you happy or they supported you during a sad or pivotal moment. Maybe you stood in them when you were tested, ran a marathon for your brother’s battle with cancer, met your husband, danced your head off, won an award. Challenge friends and families to do the same—tag them and inspire them to join.

And if you are so moved, make a donation in honor of a veteran who is currently walking their own path in life.



Photo by Shana Novak